Saturday, May 18, 2013

Patayan Hills in Team Mang's pocket

The Montreaux climb marker.
Montreaux is a neighborhood that sits atop a hill around 850 feet above sea level.  It's actually sitting on the slopes of Cougar mountain.  The climb up is a Category 2 climb (which is just one level away from the hardest rated climbs in the cycling world).  At the top of that hill, there are streets that take your climb up another 450 feet to Cougar Mountain Elementary School in Issaquah for total climb of 1280 feet (including the introductory Newport Way climb to around 400 feet and 200 foot drop).
On Saturday, May 18, Team Mangs and Alings decided to challenge themselves and take these roads after a decidedly swift loop around Mercer Island's rolling hills (counter clockwise).  It was indeed daunting and a few had no choice to but to use those other muscles on their legs...the ones used for walking. But most made it up to the top slowly but surely.  Even the tandems climbed successfully using whatever gears they had available (and they sometimes wished there were more).
The map (courtesy of Map My ride) shows the climb ratings and approximate distances.
To conclude the ride, the team made another climb up Penny Lane drive towards the Newcastle golf course where they were rewarded with stunning views of Lake Washington, Seattle and Mercer island from the southeast corner.  They even used the restroom at the club!
Team Mang celebrates at the top of the climb,

With another challenging ride in their pocket, Team Mang came home satisfied that they had put in their best and had fun doing it.  It may have taken a while due to the ultra slow speeds of some climbers, but 2,500 feet of climbing on a short 46 mile ride and an overall average speed of 12.5 mph (moving) for the whole ride is quite an accomplishment for weekend warriors bicycling for fun with friends.

Congratulations, Team Mang/Aling!