Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Tour of Seattle to remember

Early risers get ready for a mini-tour around the city
Crossing I-90 at Issaquah where we were confronted
by the giant bullfrog on the trail
It was a bit chilly to start off but as soon as the Team got done with their first warm up hill in Kirkland, temperatures started feeling a bit more like spring - at least to the riders.  On Saturday, the 11th, even as a few Mangers rode for a cause at the Tour de Cure, the rest of Team Mang opted to do their own tour - dubbed the Tour of Seattle.  The ride consisted of a few hill climbs on the east side (Factoria, Newport Way, and back through West Lake Sammamish Parkway) to start off.  After a quick bathroom break at Timberlake Park on the shores of Lake Sammamish, the team proceeded to do the Mercer Loop in reverse, approaching from the east side towards I-90, Seattle and north towards the University of Washington.

It was almost the middle of the day and the team had already made good time.  They proceeded to do a quick climb up the Ravenna neighborhood (who knew there was a hill there?) towards the Greenlake district for a relaxing lunch beside the famed body of water.  Subway does hit the spot - and it tempted them to just stay there and relax after lunch.  But it was time to head home...

A quick ride down to the Fremont Bridge and a first time ride through the South Ship Canal trail landed them somewhere at Interbay (south of Ballard) where they proceeded to take the Elliot Bay Trail towards downtown.
The Seattle Waterfront

Nothing beats a few pictures at the waterfront - something which Team Mangs heartily enjoy.  Like giddy 12 year olds posing for a magazine, Team Mangs and the lone Team Aling took their time making digital memories "touring" the waterfront and enjoying the vibrant day life.

From downtown, it was just a quick ride back to Renton Stadium via the I-90 trail and Mt. Baker tunnel, Lake Washington Blvd and Rainer Ave.
Seattle is a beautiful city - Team Mang's day ride to explore just a fraction of it proves we're in the right place!