Sunday, May 5, 2013

Phil's May Day Ride becomes a Phil-ipino Festival

Mount rainier was visible throughout most of the ride

It had to happen on the hottest and windiest day of the year so far. Team Mang, together with Team Trangko were the biggest group of riders at the annual Phil's Bike Shop May Day Classic last Sunday, cinco de Mayo.  The event is a local community ride that normally attracts traditionalists and passionate cyclists.  This year, both teams decided to ride it and Phil himself was in awe!
Team Mangers rode out together at a brisk pace but the orange train grew long during the first few hills of the first 20 miles.  Everyone did regroup in Sumner and rode together into Orting.  From there, it was a short uphill headwind ride towards South Prairie and higher into Wilkeson for the 36 mile mark. 

As with most Team Mang rides, there was no shortage of jokes, laughter, singing and the occasional "Attack!" if.  There was also the occasional slowdown just to literally stop and smell the roses; i.e. take pictures.  The team reached the halfway point around 11:15 and hung out for a while.
Hanging out with Phil at Wilkeson

What is it about headwinds?  Southbound towards Wilkeson, it was there beating us back and when we turned around to head back in the direction we came from, it was still there.  The ride from South Prairie through Orting, Puyallup, Sumner and back to Algona was challenging. Although the terrain was flat, headwinds pushed everyone back a few miles per hour on the speedometer.  This ride was also unique - hills, walls, headwinds, 83 plus degree heat and yes...there was even a walk through bushes and a dirt road.  That did give us the opportunity to take memorable pictures of Mount Rainier in the background.

Team Mang with Mount Rainier in the background...really

The final challenge of the day was only 5 miles from the finish - it was the .8 mile climb up from  West Valley Highway to Federal Way. Originally dubbed Phil's hill, locally known as "little Italy" for its switchbacks and hidden pitches, it was renamed Lance's hill - named in memory of the cyclist who was killed on the first day of Bike to Work month. Most everyone did make it up the challenging hill (a few walked).  It was one of those hills to remember...and to come back to in the future!

From there it was a brisk ride through the neighborhoods, the BPA Trail and back to Phil's in Federal Way.  The day concluded for most of us with an apple pie courtesy of Phil...but for some of us, it was all you can eat at Palace Barbecue.

Another official ride by Team Mang - always enjoyable, memorable and fun!
Team Mang scores another hit at Phil's Bike Shop May Day Classic!