Saturday, June 23, 2012

2012 June 23 - Lake Sawyer MTB Fun!

One of the many bridges along the trails
The ride scheduled for this day was a 152 mile ride from Kent to Centralia and back along the STP route.  Due to safety concerns brought upon by the wet and unpredictable weather, the team decided to cancel at the last minute.  However, they couldn't just sit around - they still had to ride their bikes and get those juices flowing.  Ergo - mountain biking at Lake Sawyer near Black Diamond.

Faced with technical terrain inside a wet and slippery forest, the team found most of the trails extremely challenging, yet also super fun.  They even met a guide, Rick, and his dog, Howie, who took them around the best trails inside the area.  After about 3 hours of frolicking in the mud, roots and rocks, the team called it a day.  They were met with a heavy downpour as they made their way back to their cars.
Hanging out after the ride

The ride was capped with a spaghetti meal - courtesy of Harry - and about 2.5 hours of "timangan" - i.e. storytelling, joking, encouraging, shop talk and just having fun hanging out with each other.  
Here's a video recap: