Sunday, July 8, 2012

2012 June 30 - Kent to Yelm Training Ride

At Kent Station just before departing
On Saturday, the 30th, the team, had planned to do a 150 mile ride from Kent to Centralia and back (75 miles each way) as part of their training to do the 1 day STP.  They took the regular STP route to familiarize themselves with the course.  Instead, they ended up making it only to Yelm - which was about 30 miles from Centralia. Because it was already past 11 AM, they made a decision to turn back.  A combination of unpleasant weather in the morning (wet and windy) which slowed them down significantly, a grand total of 7 flats and 1 mechanical, and an unfortunate spill causing one of the riders, Raf, to abandon due to injuries turned the ride into a century adventure that took over 10 hours to complete. 
Team Mang riders in the rain

The team learned valuable lessons about what to do for STP in case of flats and mechanicals and subsequently planned for it. But they also realized that there were many sections of the route where they actually did pretty well and when everything came together, they were booking it.  And most of all...they had fun! Hopefully, everything does come together on STP day.

Here's the video summary: