Saturday, August 31, 2013

Whidbey Island joyride for Mangers and Alings

Tent camping at Deception Pass
Team Mang does camping?  They sure do.  During the early part of the Labor Day weekend 2013, Mangers, Alings and their families spent a few days together - literally - at the Deception Pass State Park camping in tents.  By all accounts, there was a lot of time spent bonding, joking, cooking, eating and laughing with and at each other. In short - "Timangan". There were even reports of rangers coming into the sites to spoil the fun late in the night after quiet time...but that's unconfirmed :)

Team Mang distracting drivers at the park entrance
The weekend was highlighted with a planned 45 mile bike ride around the island towards Oak Harbor - that turned into a 60 due to unconfirmed reports of Mangers getting lost in the island - navigating via paper map and taking several detours. Somewhere in there was a stop for lumpia at a street festival. The ride was supposed to be "short" and "flat" (4,000 feet elevation gain) since it was a relaxed weekend. As if. But the riders still came away feeling it was worth it to explore more of the island, visit an old friend, attack a few more hills and get more training out of that Saturday.
Non-riders went hiking
The rest of the crew who didn't go biking ended up going on a hike around the Deception Pass trails.

All in all, it was another fun filled weekend for Team Mang and Team Aling forging bonds of friendship, creating memories for summer 2013.  There's talk that this will be a yearly event so get yourself ready for 2014!