Sunday, August 11, 2013

Slow but steady Mang at the RAW

Mang Jojie in front of a small town 
The words 'sprint' and 'attack' don't necessarily come to mind when you talk about MANG Jojie. But one thing you can be sure of when you ride with him is that you will get there eventually. Steady but sure would describe his riding style. No flash, no high tech gadgetry, just good old fashioned relaxed riding on a reliable steel touring bike.  No ultra light carbon hooha for this Mang. For the second year in a row, he was the only Manger to sign up for and complete the Ride Around Washington or RAW for short.

Lots to see around Washington on a bicycle.
So how come only a few people sign up for this ride? Let's see... Who wants to ride around small towns and cities from Western Washington to Central Washington to Eastern Washington over mountain passes, long shadeless fields against wind and heat and alongside speeding cars? Who would want to travel from as far north as Skagit County to as far south as the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon border? Why would you want to ride almost 80 miles a day for 7 days straight, climbing almost 2,000 feet per ride in the middle of summer,  finishing each day with a campfire, sleeping in tents and eating camp food? 

Meeting friends along the way is part of
any ride
Apparently, MANG Jojie can and it's a different kind of fun. One of the nice things about team MANG is that we have respect for all types of riders and riding disciplines. MANG Jojie is one of our unique riders and we congratulate him for accomplishing a feat that few of us can even imagine doing. His finish reminds us that enjoying the sport of cycling doesn't have to be about racing to the top of the hill, reaching blazing downhill speeds, or getting to the end of the ride in record time ahead of everyone. For many, cycling is about enjoying the wind on your face, seeing sites you skip when you're in a car and most of all, hanging out with wonderful people while moving forward on a two wheeled contraption.

Thanks for the reminder, Mang Jojie!