Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March doldrums...

Halfway through March and it's that time of year when the big summer rides seem so far away. Yet somewhere in the back of your mind, you're telling yourself, "time to start riding...why'd you stop anyway?  There's no such thing as bad riding weather - just improper clothing...etc..."  As the first rays of sun light start hitting you after work (most of us are surprised when we come out of the office and it's still daylight), it should be clear that there is no more excuse for not getting on that saddle and enjoying the great (still cold) outdoors.
A few more weekends and the mild weather will come - in the meantime, we just have to ride every opportunity we get, even when there's a "chance of showers" in the forecast or it's frickin' cold.  Then again, you're in Seattle...when is there ever no chance of showers in the spring?  So I hope the Team Mangers and Team Alings are getting to it.  It's officially springtime. Let's ride, people!  The big events will be here before you know it - the sooner we get the blood flowing through those legs, the less suffering we'll have to go through on those "official" rides.