Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013-02-16 Training for Sizzler's

On a cloudy day that was supposed to turn into rain, Team Mang ventured into the kind of ride that is their favorite - the kind that ends up at a restaurant. Harry's kids even trained with us for a good 10 miles. The ride was a first for a while for a few of us - like Edgar recovering from his broken collarbone. 
The ride was great - everyone kept up the pace and made it up those rolling hills..which weren't supposed to be there.  We were even blessed with sunbreaks as we were rolling into Kent-Kangley road. We had to cut the ride short and take a right at Witte Road in order to make it back to Renton in time for our appointment at Sizzler's. Let's see...give up 5 miles to gain a few more calories?  No problem...  Soon after, it was just a mad dash back to Renton on the same Cedar River Trail to drive to Sizzler's.
At our meeting, we reaffirmed our commitment to Team Mang and our goal of training for the 1-day STP and have fun doing RSVP this year.  Many of us are weekend cycling warriors and just being able to do the STP in one day will be a major accomplishment.  Those of us who have already done it aim to do it in better time.