Sunday, September 9, 2012

2012 September 9 - High Pass Challenge

The High Pass Challenge is Cascade Bike Club's most challenging ride. It happens in September, after most of the big group events have been done.  It's a climb up Mount St. Helen's and back down - a total ride of 114 miles with an elevation gain of 7,500 feet.  It's a timed ride so that riders who reach the finish by a certain time get a gold medal, then silver and bronze.  Cris, Boni, Rene and Harry rose up to the challenge.  Three of the Team Mangs scored a gold and the one who scored silver was only behind by a few minutes. Once again, Team Mang had a day of fun with the strong Trangko riders.  Congratulations to the HPC finishers!  More pictures in this video.