Saturday, September 29, 2012

2012 Sept 29 - Iron Horse Trail Redux

At the entrance of the Snoqualmie tunnel after 20 miles of riding
Team Mangers rode the Iron Horse Trail again this Saturday, 09/29, just to get a good workout of a different sort and for some, to try out new equipment (29ers!).  It was pleasantly mild day - no showers or extreme cold or heat.  Clouds took care of shielding the group from the sun as they slowly made their way towards the Snoqualmie tunnel, 20 miles away.  It took a while to get there from the Rattlesnake Park, simply because everyone took it easy.  At the tunnel entrance, the group relaxed, brought out the wine and cheese and crackers and celebrated...anything!  Nope, nobody got drunk (don't drink and bike).  After a wild ride through the 2 mile tunnel (howling, singing, making funny sounds in complete darkness with nothing to light them but their bike lights), the group took pictures at Hyak, did some restroom time and started their way back.
The trip back from Hyak took a little less than 2 hours with at least one rider suffering a mechanical but not enough to keep him from riding back. After the ride, everyone was quick to congratulate each other on a job well done, specially for those who did it for the first time.  As is customary on most TEam MANG rides, their hunger for calories lost led them to search for the nearest restaurant.  They landed at CC Thai in North Bend and after a quick meal, said their good byes.  Another fun day in the lives of Team Mang!
Here's a VIDEO summary.