Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Keeping Busy in the Fall

So what have the Mangs and Alings been up to in October?  Rest assured, this rat pack of fun lovers isn't lying down on their sofas with nothing to do.  Rather than sit back and let the dreary weather get to them, they're still out there, enjoying themselves.  

Some Mangs hanging out with riders of the United Mountain
Bike of Washington on one of their weekend rides
Team Mang Putik (mud) is alive and kicking, going on mountain bike adventures near and far. Thanks to the other fun loving guys from United Mountain Bike of Washington, Mangs who have other types of bikes (fat tired ones that go bouncing up and down) can enjoy themselves while the roads aren't as safe anymore.  In the fall, when there's an abundance of leaves on the roads' shoulders, cyclists have no choice but to ride on the lane, making it just a bit more precarious for both cyclists and drivers.   

Some Mang on a Mt. Pilchuk hike
Because we recognize the need to exercise our other muscles and we still want to enjoy the outdoors, some of us participate in other mountain-worthy activities, particularly, hiking.  And not to disappoint, some of us are climbing and racking up miles on foot - the most recent of which was on Mount Pilchuck with what we now call Team Mang Bundok (mountain). Looks like we're going to be dong a lot more of these leisurely walks in the next few months.
Our 4 bowla's showing off their winning forms!
And for those who aren't into cold outdoor activities, some of us have found other ways to keep busy and enjoy ourselves indoors. Thanks to Mang Ken, we've got a team representing us in a local bowling league - Team Mang-Bobowla (hard to explain)!  And it looks like they're doing very well.  As of last weekend, they were in first place.  Hopefully, they'll keep that pace going all the way into the trophy rounds!

Of course, there's also the guys who fish, those who are regular gym goers, the spinners on their home trainers and everything else in between - including the ones who exercise in the age old sport of spoon and fork lifting, everyone enjoying each other's company in many ways.

The soul of the team continues to thrive, though, as the faithful continue to ride their carbon horses through the familiar routes on the weekends - doing what they love doing best, road cycling.  Not even the cold or the rain prevents them from mounting their machines.  All this activity will hopefully keep most of us in condition for what is shaping up to be a busy and exciting 2016.