Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mangs make an appearance in the Tropics

Mang Amor, Jomarc, Carlo, together with a friend in the middle
of the Honolulu Century bike ride
You read that right! This year, 3 of our friends made their way to sunny, tropical Honolulu on the island of Oahu in Hawaii to participate in the annual Honolulu Century.  Here's how it all went down according to one of the participants, Mang Amor:

"Three Team Mang Cycling members (Jomarc, Carlo, and Amor) just completed the 2015 Honolulu Century Ride on September 27 together with about 15 riders from the Filipino Hawaiian cycling club HIClistas. These guys are as avid and strong riders as you can find anywhere else. We are grateful for this group, especially Jun Sadang, for providing us with authentic Filipino-Hawaiian hospitality both during and after the ride. While most of the group reside in Oahu, we learned during the ride that some of them came from Maui and the Big Island. There were other riders, but among those whose names we can remember are: BeeJay, Jeff, Freddie, Tito, Cecil, Jimmy, and Paul.  Thank you Jun and the other HIClistas!  
The ride started from Kapiolani Park in downtown Honolulu all the way to Kaawa Beach Park, then back. Along the way, riders pass through the Diamond Head Rd, Hawaii Kai, with the blue green waters on the right side and the lush mountains of Diamond Head and Koko Head on the left side.
Our brave mangs proudly displaying their certificate after
having completed a century ride in Honolulu, HI
The ride then goes up a couple of hills, with some head and side winds, but at the top, what do we get? Another amazing view of the water, the famous blowhole, rabbit island, and more of the same, blue green waters on the right side… We went through the towns of Waimanalo, Kailua and Kaneohe riding through a driving rain this time (not Seattle rain, but Philippine type rain), but it’s all good since the rain was WARM! While the wind was whipping us sometimes at 20+mph, both front and sideways, we were always rewarded by the amazing views of the waters and green mountains. We highly recommend that everyone do this ride at least once in their lifetime. Jomarc also showed us another potential ride from downtown Honolulu, which is a short one for training just before the century ride. It’s called the Mt. Tantalus Round Top ride, a bit windy and steep, but if you’ve done Mt. Rainier, it should be easy. (Believe me, you can google it). We also learned that there are many opportunities for riding in Hawaii: go up to Haleakala in Maui (10,000 ft over 37 miles, Kona Coast in the Big Island where they hold the famous Iron Man triathlon for 100 miles, and another century ride on the North Shore of Oahu. Let’s do this ride again next year!"

- Mang Amor