Saturday, August 2, 2014

Team Mang represents at the RAMROD

RAMROD stands for the Ride Around Mount Rainier in One Day - a 168 mile ride (this year) with close to 10,000 feet of climbing.  In the past, only a few Mangs have been able to participate in this epic ride, partly because of its difficulty, happening a couple of weeks after the STP, but also because only 800 riders get selected in a lottery.  This year, a lot more Mangs had the confidence to sign up and quite a  few were selected, including a sole Team Aling - Fatima.  As a result, our team was very well represented in the event and many in the cycling community continue to recognize our jerseys and the joy our community brings to cycling in Washington.
Mang Cris, Roland, Rey, Rene, Gat, Efren and Boni all finished in good time, working together to the end!

Since this author wasn't a participant, I asked those who rode it to share some of their thoughts on the ride.  Here are some quotes from the riders themselves:

"This was my first RAMROD and I had a blast. The team of volunteer and coordinators are awesome. They were everywhere especially in places where road hazards were present; the food was excellent and it's a very well organized ride.
I am happy and proud of this accomplishment  despite my struggle climbing up Cayuse Pass - thanks to Efren, Rene and to Roland for motivating me to keep on pedaling up to the top. My 11/32 is my savior.....And for the rest of the team members - you all rock!
This ride is well represented by Teammang and H2 Velo (Pinoy cyclists); more and more we are being recognized by other riders.  The ride is tough but very rewarding and satisfying; the views are magnificent, especially the part of the route towards Packwood and along WA 410 coming down from Cayuse Pass ... 
Let's ride!"
- Cris Francisco

Mang Josh, Aling Fatima and Mang Raf finished together.
"It was a hard ride but made a little easier by comments by strangers like these -> "Hey Team Mang!  Saw you guys at STP!  Yeah!". This one made me LOLed -> "There's so many of you.  Just how many Team Mangs are there?"  Of course while comments by strangers were boosts, it was the company of TEam MANG, H2Velo, and other friends made along the way that carried me through. Bow."
- Raf Lim

"First of all, the event was well organized…….. Kudos to all d volunteers!
Secondly, I don’t mean to discourage the future riders but the 90 miles of rolling hills, without a doubt, made the ride even harder to climb the Cayuse Pass.   All I can think of is…. “No Pain No Gain”  - The exhaustion, the heat and the slope caused my speed to dropped down to 3.5 mph for the last 4 miles of Cayuse.   But every ascent has descent, therefore, I did enjoy the downhill, twisty roads for 10 miles towards the next stop, where I was reunited with the TeamMang, H2 Velo & Mang Jeff of Trangko for lunch!  After lunch, everything was sore, but knowing that there were no more hills to climb - the last 40+ miles was a joy ride to get to the finish line.   Thank you to Mang Jeff, Mang Rene & Kuya Efren for getting me back on track on the last leg of the route.  It was priceless when I read the “Ramrod Finish” sign, what a great achievement as we crossed that line and received the badge of “RAMROD 2014” and to top it off – a piece of that ice cream!    
Finally, Thanks to Lino for giving me this opportunity and CONGRATULATIONS to all RAMROD riders.
The best is yet to come!"
- Rey Escarez