Saturday, March 8, 2014

Team Mang is fighting Diabetes

Thanks to the leadership of Mang Rene, Team Mang is participating in this year's Tour De Cure, attempting to raise thousands of dollars to help fund diabetes research through the American Diabetes Association's program.  At the kickoff event at Chateu Ste Michelle in Woodinville in early March, the team had lots of fun and made a big splash.  They captured the organization's attention just because of the number of participants they had in the Tour.  In fact, Rene won a special award from the Tour for bringing in the most riders in a team.  Gat even went home with the evening's door prize - lots of wine, of course - what were the odds?
Team Mang at the Tour De Cure kickoff event at Chateu Ste
Michele in Redmond. We're the biggest team so far!
Fund raising efforts are underway and it looks like each rider is going to meet their individual dollar goals - but more importantly, the team as a whole is bringing in a good chunk, thanks to support from friends and family of the riders and from the other Team members who are not riding. The cause does have personal significance to everyone - I mean, whose life hasn't been touched in some way by this disease? 
With about a month and a half left for fund raising efforts, each member of the team hopes they can raise more for such a meaningful cause.  Let's do our best to support them!