Sunday, February 23, 2014

And so it begins...Chilly Hilly

The official start of the road cycling community's season, or at least as scheduled by the biggest local cycling club, Cascade, is the Chilly Hilly winter ride.  Every year, thousands of cyclists preparing for a productive season start their adventure off with this rain-or-shine, hilly 33 mile ride on Bainbridge Island on the last weekend of February.  Team Mang is no exception.
Mangs and Alings with others at the ferry prior to the ride
 Warmed up from a wet and cold ride the day before, several Mangs and Alings rode with other teams and with thousands of others enjoying the crisp but dry morning.  The rain held off for a while and all riders completed the event without incident. As with any ride, guys took turns trying to best each other up hills and on sprints just so they have stories to tell afterwards - all in good clean fun. All in all, another fun time with friends looking forward to an awesome 2014!