Saturday, January 11, 2014

Team Mang's new Milestones in 2014

A few of the team members pose with
the team banner at Center Cycle
On Saturday, January 11, our growing team of cycling friends had our first meet and greet party/meeting/picture taking and of course, eating celebration at Center Cycle in Renton, Washington.  After two years of training, riding, partying and hanging out together, our group is reaching new stages.  Our biggest growth milestone this year is the addition of actual team sponsors for our jerseys kits.   Now you may wonder - who would want to put money into an unofficial, unorganized group of fun loving, happy go lucky, bicycle-loving folks who don't actually compete in professional events?  Well, those who are the same way, of course - bicycle loving friendly people.  

Center Cycle logo
Center Cycle in Renton rocks!
We approached Center Cycle in Renton first, since many of us are regulars there.  And they did what they do best - support local teams with products and services to promote the sport of cycling.  As a local small business, Center Cycle has to compete with big national retail chains who have the advantage of marketing muscle and volume pricing.  But Center Cycle does an excellent job in spite of their small operation.  Their selection of bikes, clothing and accessories is vast and their repair service is top notch.  Go and visit them if you need anything bicycle.  You won't be disappointed.
MM2P logo
MM2P is one of many non-profits
our team supports

Another group that approached us was MM2P, which stands for Medical Missions to Pilar.  They are a non-profit group whose first project was establishing a medical center in the city of Pilar in the Philippine province of  Sorsogon (thus the namesake).  Many villages in the Philippines are so steeped in poverty and are more than 200 kilometers away from any type of medical facility - preventing common folk from getting basic health care.  With the help of donors from the U.S., MM2P has been in the business of helping those people get basic medical attention - at least in that region.  They are currently expanding to reach others and in the wake of typhoon Haiyan in 2013, have become even more important as a resource for Filipinos in the surrounding area.

Escarez and Associates Surveying and Mapping
A couple of Team Mangs put in sponsorship duties, too, from their small businesses. Escarez & Associates Professional Land Surveyors is a company of engineers providing land surveying, construction layout and condominium mapping services. On of them rides with us. EEA 's logo is proudly displayed on our jersey because we believe in their ability to provide excellent professional services.  Their list of satisfied customers from hotel chains to development companies speaks for itself - you can check out their website here.

Healthy Smiles Dental and Denture Center along Sunset Boulevard in
Healthy Smiles logo
Healthy Smiles Dental and Denture
Center in Renton
Renton.  They have two clinics that are family run - specifically by one of the Team Mang moms.  We also believe in their ability to provide personalized and excellent services in the area of dental care and denture services.  They take all sorts of dental insurance so if you're looking for good local dental care, check them out.  Their link is provided here.

We'd like to extend our gratitude to these sponsors for their generosity and for being willing to identify with us in the cycling community. This year is going to be exciting having these groups' logos on our back.