Thursday, October 17, 2013

Last "Official" rides of the year for Team Mang

Mangs and Alings with members of another team brave the wind
and rain to complete the short loop of the Kitsap Color Classic.
The last weekend of September is usually rainy as the Fall season has officially landed.  This year wasn't any different.  Advance weather reports had predicted at least some clearing for the Kitsap Color Classic - a romp through Kitsap county with a choice of 3 loops - a 25 miler, a 37 miler or a combined 57 mile ride.  Some Team Mangs had signed up but with the rain dumping cats and dogs the day before and with just a little bit of a let up on Sunday morning, many felt it safer to stay home and enjoy the game on TV. 

Nevertheless, a few brave Mangers and an Aling braved the weather and rode to close the season.  They were blessed with a few bouts of clearing and sun but for the most part, the roads were wet and treacherous.  After one of the riders experienced a flat, the group decided to complete just the 25 miler.  The ride itself may have been wet and cold but the company, as always, was good.

Eric's selfie in Hawaii
On the other side of the Pacific, one of our own proudly represented in the Pineapple Century in Oahu, Hawaii.  Eric took the opportunity to celebrate his birthday with a century ride on the west side of Oahu through scenic highways and spectacular weather and views in paradise.

And so ends the official cycling calendar for 2013.

Countless miles, memories and laughter later, Mangs and Alings are looking forward to off season riding to keep in shape - maybe some weekend mountain biking and cyclocross or other fun activities for the cold and wet weather.  Whatever it is, Team Mang exits 2013 with a stronger bond among its members.  Some of us grew leaps and bounds as individual cyclists, others maintained their fitness, others met different cycling goals (like getting loved ones into the sport).  Regardless, we all maintained our friendships and had fun doing it - Team Mang is family and that's what it's all about after all.