Sunday, July 14, 2013

Team Mang was at the Death Ride in California

Mang Rene celebrating at Carson Pass
Some members of Team Mang trained separately all year to skip the Seattle To Portland ride and participate in a much harder event - the California Death Ride in Markleeville, CA - a 129 mile epic through 5 mountain passes with a total of 15,000 feet of climbing starting from a higher mountain elevation.  The Death Ride happens on the same day as STP so the participants had to choose which one to train for early in the year. Mang Boni, Mang Bob and Mang Rene have been training with members of another team with experience on those mountains since the beginning of the year.

Mang Boni in action
From all accounts, the experience was difficult for all but challenging and rewarding with at least one participant calling for a future "rematch" with those mountains.  Their experience has inspired other Mangers to consider doing the ride next year.  Each of these Mangers made a commitment early in the year and dedicated time and energy and sacrificed a lot to prepare for the ride and each came out a much better, stronger cyclist because of the experience.  

Congratulations to everyone who completed the ride. Go Team Mang! 

Mang Boni, Mang Bob and Mang Rene celebrate
the Death Ride