Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013-01-12 Team Mang vs the Cold

On perhaps the coldest weekend of the year, Team Mang went on their customary first ride of the year - the Stinky Spoke Mountain Bike Classic.  It's a short ride - only around 19 miles - but it's very memorable.  Starting out from Red Hook Brewery in Redmond, up the Heart Attack Hill following the Tolt pipeline eastbound and weaving through the Redmond Watershed back towards the Sammamish River Trail.

Approaching Heart Attack Hill
For most of us, it was the first ride of the year...and it showed. While those who had been riding throughout the holidays raced through the course, some of us less than fit folks took our time to enjoy the scenery (and catch our breath).  The snow covered trees, iced trails, frozen puddles and surprisingly very little mud all provided for a pleasant ride at conversation pace.  We were also very careful to stay with the guy who had the camera :) - but we did miss out on the pro photographers along the course.
Birthday boy, Harry P!
This year's ride was a dry one but cold to the bone - like 30 degrees in the shade!  Coming out onto the sunshine helped a bit - it was during those times when we could actually feel our toes.  The ride concluded as usual at a lunch plate; this time, we ended up at Pho Mignon in Kirkland with a surprise treat from the birthday celebrant, Harry!

Looks like 2013 is going to be a good one!