Saturday, August 4, 2012

2012 August 4 - Patayan Hills

On Seafair weekend, one of the guys who did the RAMROD suggested a ride filled with hills.  It started off with a warm-up climb  up Lake Washington Blvd NE.  The second climb goes up 36th St. parallel to I-90 in Factoria all the way to Newport Way.  The finale is the climb up to the Montreaux hilltop neighborhood in Issaquah - a Cat 4 climb that punishes your legs if you're not prepared.
Posing at the spectacular view on 168th Pl SE

Yet that was not the end of it, at the top of the hill was a climb up through 173rd Ave SE all the way to almost the top of Cougar Mountain.  then down a few hundred feet and up again through the 168th PL SE climb.

Finishing off that ride was a quick ride through Lakemont Boulevard and up to the Newcastle Golf Club where the team enjoyed the views of Lake Washington, Bellevue and Seattle in the distance. After the exhausting ride, some of them met up with their wives who had staked out a spot on Lake Washington to watch the Blue Angels. Seafair? We ride it!